h2. Twisted Sisters Inc. a small company run by professional P.I.'s Turani and Violetta, are summoned to the High Hall in Baldur’s Gate by Archmage Balasar Myastani, a high ranking member of the Harpers. He has paid them 100gp each just to take the meeting and hear his proposal. They are escorted to his office by his assistant and asked to wait. Upon arrival, the elderly Red Dragonborn informs them that as his last project with the faction he must gather and secure certain ancient artifacts created by Wizards and Mages of the prior age. He does not disclose the reason he wishes to have these items but the prize for their retrieval is too good to refuse. He offers as payment a magical item he has created: the Deck of Many (good) things. As he is an absurdly powerful wizard, he has fashioned a way to separate a wondrous item like the DoMT into two equal parts: good and bad. If the party is successful in retrieving an item they are assigned they will draw from the good deck and take its contents as payment. However, if the party fails to secure the item and return it to Balasar, they will be forced to draw from the bad deck and take the consequences as punishment.

Wizards of Old

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